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"There are smart ways to reduce inventory and increase cash-flow that won’t increase your risk and they are easier to implement than you think.”


Murray has a unique ability to relate and engage successfully with all stakeholders including senior executives, management, finance, IT, sales, project team members, external auditors, operations, administrative, and field personnel.

Ryan Mullaney CLIENT: I Recommend This Presentation

"This guide provided me with a great foundation to enable me to understand and address my inventory control problems."




Ryan is a business owner specializing in business process analysis, functional requirements analysis, application design, project management, IT architect, executive technical sales and is a qualified Microsoft Applications Design Specialist.

 Four Strategies for Smarter Inventory Control 

Running a business in Canada hasn't gotten any easier. There is an economic shift happening that is playing havoc with standard inventory control practices. 
This is leading to protracted buying decisions and a lengthening of purchase cycles by customers. This in turn, is leading to increased inventory aging, lower turnover rates and money wasted.

But it doesn't have to be this way. 

  1. Do you need help reducing inventory and improving cash flow in your business?
  2. Need a better forecast of inventory demand? 
  3. Are you dealing with dreaded stock-outs problems? 
  4. Or do you simply need better control of overheads?  
Watch Enterprise Resource Planning Specialist Murray Quibell's 4 Strategies for Smarter Inventory Control Webcast.
Whether you already have an inventory system in place or are considering implementing something new, this is the presentation for you. 
In the time it takes to enjoy a cup of coffee, Murray will share 4 secrets that are easier to implement than you think, and, most importantly, won't increase risk! 
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