Business problems are brutal. They interfere with company operations and rob you of resources that could be applied more productively elsewhere. You need all of your company's processes, data and information located in one, easy-to-use, cloud-based customer solution - so that answers are only a click away. That's how we use Acumatica to resolve brutal business problems.

"We Use Acumatica To Resolve Absolutely Brutal Business Problems Every Day..."

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"I want to thank Murray Quibell of Aqurus and the Bentek Systems team for their effort in implementation of Acumatica Cloud ERP. I highly recommend Acumatica ERP to industry colleagues that are looking at the implementation of an ERP system."

Ben Yee, P.Eng. President

Bentek Systems

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Murray [Aqurus' President] has an  accounting and technical background, which was very helpful in getting the ball rolling with Acumatica,” Black said. “He’s been great at tailoring his time to our needs, always getting back to us quickly, and because he understands our business, he always lets us know about updates and what might be useful for us. He’s been fantastic.”

Andrew Black, VP Finance, Paywith

Industry Experience 

Distribution companies deal with inventory - a lot of it and it's complicated, especially when growth starts to occur. Aqurus has accomplished a lot with key customers in this industry, including:

  • Consolidating the inventory of multiple warehouse and distribution centers into one consolidated solution.
  • Streamlining multiple stand-alone applications for quotes, orders, invoicing and shipping into one, efficient process.
  • Migrating the data from multiple inventory systems into a single solution, cutting costs and reducing stock cycles dramatically.

E-Commerce companies need a platform that is flexible, ready for high growth and easy to integrate e-commerce transaction systems with. Aqurus has helped e-commerce companies with:

  • Providing an affordable ERP solution that can handle very large volumes of transactions.
  • Scaling to match rapid growth without any component change-outs or additional costs.
  • Managing changes on the fly, as the company and the system grew in unanticipated directions.
  • Integrating to their online, e-commerce solutions.

Manufacturing companies require expert scheduling, forecasting and a mastery of supply chain management to be successful. Aqurus has implemented systems that:

  • Addressed inventory identification issues, enabling them to be labelled correctly and  found quickly when needed.
  • Manage manufacturing scheduling and control processes. 
  • Implement and manage quality assurance procedures and lot management/recall notices.

How We Implement Acumatica ERP Systems 

We deal with brutal business problems by ensuring that everything that's needed to provide answers and run the business is available and accessible in one system, from anywhere, and on any device. 

At this point, all that is left is to build the solution. To do this, we: 

  • Install the solution - in the cloud or on-premises, your choice.
  • Create the user accounts.
  • Migrate the date.
  • Customize the reports and business documents.
  • Train your users.
  • Get out of your way.

Support It - Make Sure It Keeps Working

Discover It - What Do You Actually Need?

Design is where we make sure that everything works 'on paper' before we create your systems. It's like a building blueprint, except it details:

  • Process steps
  • Data locations. 
  • The look and feel of reports.
  • What your business documents (invoices, orders) will look like.
  • Integrations to other systems.
  • Location of the solution (hosted, on-premises).
  • User training details.
  • What users will have access to what information.

Discovery and analysis is where we come together to determine what features and functions are actually needed by your business to be successful - no fluff or padding, just the critical elements. We will:

  • Review current operations and figure out what features will work best for you in the new system.
  • Identify all business processes that need to be automated and implemented.
  • Examine data and determine the best way of migrating to the new system.
  • Determine what reports are needed.
  • Develop requirements for the system.
  • Ensure that you and your team have a thorough understanding of the new system and it's capabilities. 

Build It - Make It Work For You

Design It - What Does It Look Like?

This is the easy part. We help you to be successful in any way we can. We have:

  • Free online training - really useful for new employees.
  • 24/7 local support.
  • Implementation of new features to help your business grow and succeed.
  • Monthly updates of new features and processes as they become available.

We believe the best way to keep our clients thrilled with us is to deliver value fast. Acumatica is built to migrate SMBs from simple accounting solutions to an ERP as efficiently as possible. This means they have incredibly effective data importing ability, extensive built-in functionality that's designed to be used immediately, a simple but very effective custom report builder, and a simple user interface so your employees can start using the system effectively right away.  

Why Aqurus is Different

Like you, we live in Western Canada, we're local and we're staying that way. All project work and support is provided locally. One phone call and we can be onsite in minutes.

We Specialize In Migrating SMBs To Their First Enterprise-Level Solution

We're Focused On Value And Speed of Delivery

We're Local

We are completely focused on helping small and mid-sized businesses who have outgrown QuickBooks, MYOB, Sage, and other small business accounting packages. Moving to an Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) is a big step and we realize there are unique challenges that companies face along the way.  We're prepared to assist you by offering on-site implementation (not remote), free online training, and a lazer-like focus on solving your problems in order to get your company back to work fast.  

Use on Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime

Aqurus Solutions Is Pleased To Recommend

The award-winning Acumatica is the newest and most modern ERP platform available today. As the only 100% cloud ERP available, it provides the fastest time to delivery at the lowest cost in the industry.

Automatic Disaster Recovery

Acumatica's unique no-user licensing means that the costs don't change just because you add more users. Simple administration means you don't pay for administrative overhead.

Aqurus Solutions is a Gold-Certified Acumatica Partner

Keep Your Data Up-To-Date

It goes without saying, but we're going to say it anyway - these days disaster recovery must be automatic. And with Acumatica hosted options - it is. 

Fastest Time to Value

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

From having the most effective data import tools, the best functionality vs cost ratio, or the simplest deployment options, Acumatica is optimized to enable you to recoup your costs quickly.

Installed Where You Need It

In the cloud, hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) or another third host, or install on-premises - it's up to you and your business needs.

Acumatica has a 100% non-proprietary, open data structure. This makes integration with other critical solutions in your portfolio a breeze, and keeps all your data up-to-date.

Acumatica's unique web-browser only interface means there is no software to install on any client machine - whether it's a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. 

“We can scale without extra costs because the fee structure isn’t prohibitive. With other software, every time you want to add a new user or feature, they charge you huge amounts of money...”

    Andrew Black, Vice President of Finance, PayWith

“When our CTO looked at the documentation, he knew that Acumatica was going to be the easiest for us to integrate with.”

Andrew Black, Vice President of Finance, PayWith

"Orders can now be taken, shipped and electronically invoiced by one person. Invoices are now completed even before the courier has picked up the items. I highly recommend Acumatica ERP to industry colleagues that are looking at implementation of an ERP system."

Ben Yee, P.Eng. President,  Bentek Systems

"We really didn't want an enterprise system because we decided that would be expensive, large and cumbersome to implement."

Andrew Black, Vice President of Finance, PayWith

"400% productivity gains"

Ehren Dimitry, President and CEO, AME Corporation 

“Acumatica’s sales, purchasing, inventory,

and financial management software helped our  swimming pool supplies distribution business reach profitability in year one.”


John Gwaltney, Owner, 

Pool Source LLC

What Clients Say About Acumatica ERP

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