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Building Materials Manufacturing MRP System

What can Aqurus MRP do for Your Business? 

Boost Project Efficiency and Profitability in Building Materials Manufacturing

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Building Materials Manufacturing

Maximize your project efficiency by managing production costs and maintaining schedules with every type of building materials manufacturing project, leading to improved profitability.

Key Benefits of Building Materials Manufacturing:
Advanced Inventory Management
Flexible Production Planning and Control
Integrated Supply Chain Management
Comprehensive Financial Management
Scalability and Customization
Builder Manufacturer

Acumatica's Tailored Solutions for Building Materials Manufacturers

Acumatica stands out as the ultimate solution for building materials manufacturing, seamlessly integrating every facet of the production process. From raw material procurement to inventory management and distribution, Acumatica streamlines operations with its robust suite of features. Its adaptable nature accommodates the industry's unique requirements, enabling precise tracking of inventory levels, production costs, and supplier relationships. With real-time insights and analytics, decision-makers can optimize production schedules, mitigate risks, and enhance profitability. Acumatica's cloud-based platform ensures accessibility and scalability, empowering manufacturers to adapt swiftly to market fluctuations and evolving customer demands. Acumatica revolutionizes building materials manufacturing, fostering efficiency, agility, and sustainable growth.



Manufacturing Management 

Get real-time insights and end-to-end control of your production and your financials, so you can drive efficiency and grow your business.

  • Real-time coordination across your business
  • Work from anywhere on any device
  • Centralized reporting and approvals
  • Advanced forecasting and CTP capabilities
  • Support for multiple manufacturing methodologies




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Manage Product Complexity

Get ready to outperform your big brother. Successful small and mid-sized manufacturing companies are managing product complexity in response to new customer requirements. In an environment of fast-changing technologies and shorter product lifecycles, understanding who your customer is and what they need is everything.

Control Manufacturing Costs


What does measuring your end-to-end manufacturing functionality look like for your business? A flexible ERP system adapts and grows with you, whether you want to measure your inventory, operational costs, administrative costs or your shipments.

Gain Visibility and Cultivate Collaboration


Web-based access means you can navigate your business data and documents from headquarters, factories, remote offices and on the road. Connecting all points of your business with the data they need means moving faster. Empower your team to collaborate effectively from anywhere.

Aqurus for Manufacturing 


Aqurus delivers a feature-rich, fully integrated manufacturing, distribution, and accounting solution. Manage sales, inventory, material planning, master production schedules, using nothing more than a web-browser. Aqurus works for you in the way you need to work – fast and easy to change to adapt to even the most complex data/information points you need to capture and use.


Aqurus Manufacturing Success Stories

Aqurus is trusted by companies across many different industries. Hear how these customers successfully implemented Acumatica Cloud ERP and accelerated their businesses.

Manufacturing Success Stories

    A Complete ERP Suite for Manufacturers

Acumatica Manufacturing Edition includes core manufacturing, distribution, financial, and reporting applications with optional, connected applications to tailor the system to your unique business needs.

Bill of Materials and Routing
Inventory Management


Production Management


Sales Order Management


Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
Purchase Order Management


Advanced Planning and Scheduling


Requisition Management


Manufacturing Management
ERP Business Intelligence and Analytics in Acumatica


Product Configurator


Financial Management


Engineering Change Control (ECC)
Project Accounting


Manufacturing Data Collection (MDC)


Customer Management


Acumatica for Arena Native Connector
Service Management


Manufacturing Estimates


How to Evaluate Manufacturing Systems

Selecting an ERP manufacturing management and accounting system to run your business is a decision that will affect your company for many years. Many products offer the same or similar features, and it can be confusing to sort out what’s important and what’s not. 

Use this checklist to compare the features and benefits of manufacturing system vendors across these five categories:

Productivity: What can the back-office product do to make you and your staff more productive?
Functionality: What features and functions does the product have that can perform your daily accounting and business management functions?
Technology: Does the product leverage the best technology for usability, customizability, and maintainability?
Value: How will the product maximize features and functions versus cost for the usable lifetime of the product?
Risk: How does the product minimize risk and facilitate both network and financial security?


Compare systems side-by-side across five categories—and then make the right choice

When you’re looking for a new manufacturing ERP system for your growing business, it’s often difficult to compare—but it doesn’t have to be. Just focus on the most important features and capabilities, and you can find the right system with far less hassle. This checklist can help.

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